Welcome to the Gateway website! My name is Ki-Ra. I am a conduit of the Ultimate Light, and I am the founder of these systems, and am deeply honoured to be able to bring you these amazing energies!


The Gateway Systems arrived in 2014. They piggybacked upon the end of an attunement that I was giving, through the Stellar Gateway Portal.. This amazing energy hasn’t been here since the golden days of Atlantis.

I’m told that a number of key figures in our history knew about the ‘Gateway Systems’, such as Edgar Cayce, Alice Bailey, and Harry Edwards. In fact Harry Edwards may have indeed found a way to tap into these systems, during his amazing and well known healings!

The energy has returned to us at this critical time in our evolution, to assist us in stepping into, and holding more and more light within our earth vessels. Transforming them into less dense vehicles of embodiment, in alignment with the lightbody process, and expansion of consciousness, which we’re having to undergo, here on Earth.. As our beloved planet shifts dimensionally, we have to keep up with her, otherwise the changes become too uncomfortable for us to remain here.

The Gateway energy is a quantum energy, and as such, creates rapid changes within us. Aside from the cellular regeneration that it brings, it works to realign misdirected thought patterns, and habits, and thus stops us holding disharmonious thoughts that lead to disease, and death! It also contains the DNA Reverse Program, which will reverse the genetic modifications that have been given to humanity to downgrade our consciousness, and therefore keep us operating within a limited frequency band.

I am presently the only person who can empower others to be able to transmit these amazing energies, as Gateway Activators. You will find these activators on this site’s directory page. It is our passion, to transform this world to light, using the highest light technology that is available to us. Ultimately, the Gateway Energy will reach critical mass point, and on doing so, will automatically transfer itself from person to person, shifting the whole of humanity into the higher light fields. There will be no more warfare on this planet, no disharmony, no injustice and no selfish actions. All will work together as ‘One’, to create the world we need and deserve… If this message speaks to your heart, please join me, Ki-Ra, and the other gateway activators. You can read more about the science of the Gateway, on the About page.

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